We're a bit different. Actually a lot different.

You’re unique, and we love that about you. In fact, we love it so much that we want you to bring your uniqueness to work with you every day. Because it’s all of our quirks that make Brinker Nation the great place it is.

Our Culture Gallery

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There are two sides to every BrinkerHead. Sure, we work hard. But we also play hard. And Brinker is the perfect place to do both, with an ideal mix of personal culture and professional opportunity.

Work "Me"

Here, the job you want wants you back.

The citizens of Brinker Nation have it pretty good. What's not to like about showing up for work and playing restaurant?

Personal "Me"

Be a BrinkerHead. And just be yourself.

BrinkerHeads are jokers and smilers. Lefties and righties. Golfers and jugglers. With a little of everything in between.